Sajid Rahman

Sajid Rahman is an experienced leader, investor and coach. His experience extends from corporate world to the world of startups.

He has spent time in Asia and Africa, building global banking businesses as well as helping startups scale regionally and globally. He is currently Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Health at Telenor Group. Telenor health is a purpose driven company, fully owned by Telenor group, built to deliver quality, data driven health care in emerging markets. Telenor Health launched its first operation in Bangladesh and on its way to bring the largest number of population under a simple health insurance coverage and a revolutionary digital health proposition.

In his banking career, Sajid was involved in a number of M&A activities as well as launching innovative digital products. He has built banking businesses, managing billion dollars assets from scratch. He has launched breakthrough products in the space of payments and wealth management.

Sajid is also a director of UDGEL - the first company aiming to build a grid-connected mega wind power plant in Bangladesh. He is well known for his support and advocacy at renewable energy space in emerging markets.

Sajid is an active angel investor. He invested at companies based out of Silicon Valley, Asia and Europe. Some of his investments include Hyperloop One, Shyp, Human Longevity Index and Zendrive.

He has brought in the first silicon valley based accelerator, Founder Institute, to Bangladesh and is a director of Founder Institute. He has a very strong global network within the technology space, ranging from US to Europe to Asia, and is considered a thought-leader in this area with regular columns on topics related to investments and global technology trends, financial services and health. His blogs are featured in publications like Mattermark.

He is a mentor at Endeavor Indonesia, a US-based organization accelerating the growth of mid-size companies to billion dollar level.

He is at the board of a number of companies, spanning financial services to cybersecurity. He regularly writes blogs on technology trends, startups, entrepreneurship, investments and life lessons. He is sought after as a speaker, coach and consultant in areas like banking, performance management, leadership, productivity and digital health.

He is also an author and host of upcoming podcast myasiavc.

He loves to run and regularly participates at marathons at different parts of the world.

“Sajid brought both strategic thinking and hands on detailed execution to the role, re-energised the team, and led from the front with both customers and staff. The results were evident both in financial performance and market positioning. His style, drive and knowledge were crucial to this. He subsequently has gone on to other challenging roles in Nigeria and Indonesia where he has shown the same qualities and gained even more experience. He is an experienced and reliable business leader”
— Managing Director of a Global Insurance Company