Sajid is world class leader, change agent and has extensive experience in building companies across markets. He is sought after for business consultancy, coaching senior executives and speaking engagements at different international forums.

He regularly speaks in the areas of banking, financial services, digital health and technology startups. The topics are wide and may range from building businesses in emerging markets, transformation, change leadership, raising funds, scaling etc. in addition to industry or geography specific strategy questions.

He also coaches senior leaders on team building, cross cultural management, change leadership, productivity, stress management and developing emotional strength to be a great leader. He is very selective in taking up these challenges.

Please contact him using the contact form or follow him on social media if you want to book him for a speaking engagement, consultation or leadership coaching.

“Sajid is solid business leader with deep insights on key value drivers and on motivating people. He is very reliable in delivery of performance. He is exceptionally strong in building people around him through his coaching, support and leading by examples”
— Partner AT Kearney
“Sajid is truly an inspirational leader, visionary, focused, creative and a great leader of people. He has worked across diverse geographies and markets and has a strong reputation for business performance and employee engagement.

Sajid is also a very talented leader who has immense insights into different ways to build businesses, a strategic thinker as well as building great relationships with his clients and his colleagues. A leader with a strong set of values that make a difference to all those around him.”
— International Executive Coach to Board Members